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When Callie learns a new reality show violates the two thousand year old treaty between Zeus and God, she must harness her disabling visions to avert an apocalyptic battle. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia meets American Gods in an irreverent urban fantasy.


Callie’s nightmarish visions lead her to stumble over the threshold of a strange pub that straddles dimensions—directly into the arms of handsome proprietor Florian.  He offers her a job serving an exclusive clientele consisting of former gods—never really deities at all, but interdimensional travelers with huge attention-seeking issues. No longer content with red carpets and limousines to get the worship they crave, one disgruntled immortal is stirring up old rivalries in a comeback bid for godhood.


When ex-gods take notice of her visions, Callie is hailed as a new Oracle Priestess, the key to restoring peace. But clarifying her visions with ambrosia to discover who’s really pulling Zeus’s strings might destroy her budding romance with the lonely, mysterious Florian, not to mention her sanity—if the immortal seeking to become ‘Next Top God’ doesn’t murder her first.



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