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The world of Song Magick was wonderfully created. It was intriguing to be set in such a world and try to discover everything you possibly could. Of course you didn’t find out everything but you did discover the necessary information for the novel. And that was just interesting in and of itself. You can only imagine what the world would be like now if there were sentient beings like in Song Magick. It was interesting and well written.


Then there were the characters. Especially Telyn and Mithrais. They were extraordinary and well done. Both characters had at least a few flaws that you didn’t view as necessarily flaws because really who can trust….and I’m not going to finish that sentence for fear of spoilers. Let’s just say that I definitely would have reacted the same and not have been as selfless or loyal as Telyn. Then there was Mithrais. Sigh, where can I get one of him? He may not be a hockey player (my obsession, shhhhh….) but he certainly stood up to many of my book boyfriends and gave them a run for their money. And he wasn’t perfect. He did have a will of his own and it can be seen throughout the novel. 


Then there was the character that people just wanted to hate. And honestly I feel that the author presented the characters in such a way that yes you could hate them, but still almost feel a little empathy for at least one of them? I don’t know how to describe that very well. 


There was definitely lots of tension towards the end of Song Magick and even one point where I felt it might just be possible I was dying on the inside. That was amazingly well done with on the author's part and I enjoyed reading the story because of it. 


Overall Song Magick was an intriguing read, and you’ll quickly fall in love with the characters.


"I have to say, I was totally enchanted by this story.  The author has crafted a truly fascinating world, and woven a moving tale featuring some amazing characters.  The world building is done so well, it was very easy to picture everything as I read and I found myself drawn in immediately.  The writing was flawless and descriptive, capturing my attention and keeping it the whole way through.  Lovers of fantasy books will find that the author has created a unique story that keeps the fantasy genre fresh and exciting.

The words that come immediately to mind when I think of Telyn are strength, grace, beauty and loyalty-she is a unique and awe-inspiring young lady who possesses courage and determination to do the right thing.  Mithrais is a strong protector who actually can feel deeply and is extremely loyal to the Tauron, as well as a great leader.  And all of the secondary characters we encounter in this journey are wonderfully written, full of richness and life...and all of them contribute to the story.

You will find plenty of action, a bit of drama, and some sweet young romance that will tug at your heart.  Even though the book is just around 300 pages, it felt like I was reading something bigger as the story is very full and well rounded-in a GOOD way.

If you love fantasy, you are definitely going to want to read Song Magick ASAP.  I loved this story, would be thrilled to read more about this world, and give it a fantastic 5 stars!


One of my favorite fantasy authors is Mercedes Lackey and one of my favorite worlds is Lackey’s Valdemar. So I can think of little higher praise than to favorably compare Elisabeth Hamill’s world-creation skills to that of Mercedes Lackey.

It is so vitally important in fantasy fiction to have a world that is internally consistent. If the world is not well-formed, then it matters not if the characters are well written, whether the plot is intricate and well developed, or whether the dialogue snaps; there will be such dissonance due to the world being off-kilter. In Song Magick, Hamill’s has developed such a strong sense of place that the rest of her ample writing skills are on wonderful display.

It is difficult to write within the fantasy genre and write a complete new and original story. I recognized many bits from other fantasy authors, but they were incorporated so well into the story that they seemed fresh and original. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Telyn and Mithrais, which was presented as passionate without being tawdry. Aside from references to sexual assault which might be troublesome for some readers, I would be comfortable revocommending the book to anyone over 16 who enjoys fantasy.


I was especially pleased with the fact that, while this book could certainly continue on into being part of a series — and I certainly would enjoy reading more — it has a definite beginning, middle, AND end; NO CLIFFHANGER! I definitely look forward to more by this author. Can’t wait to see what’s next for Telyn and Mithrais.


"Song Magick, the debut novel by Elisabeth Hamill, is one of the best sci-fi/fantasy young adult books I’ve read in quite a while.  As a school principal, I am constantly reading novels for young adults hoping to find ones I think my students will like.  And as an avid science fiction/fantasy fan, I tend to lean toward these types of novel when I find them.

I bought Song Magick the minute it was available in digital form and had difficulty putting it down.  (I know I got a lot less blogging and deal posting during the three days it took me to read the book.)   The only negative thing I can say about this book is the sequel hasn’t been written yet.  I’m waiting to find out what happens to many of the characters.  I hope Ms. Hamill doesn’t wait more than 10 years like the authors of the Game of Thrones  and Outlander series."



"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is full of color and music and magic and beauty."



"...thrilling...relatively fast paced, and fraught with danger and risk."









First in Category 2014 Dante Rossetti Awards for Teen Fantasy

First in Category 2016 OZMA Awards for Fantasy

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