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What happens when a critique partner challenges you to write outside your comfort zone…

My short story “All That Entails” is an historical, romantic fiction in which a gender-fluid nobleman with a penchant for gowns meets his unlikely match in an arranged marriage with a transgendered man. The heat level in this story is sweet. The rest looks to range from sweet to burning hot…

The short came about as the result of a challenge to enter a very specific call for submissions by Ninestar Press, set by my critique partner James Stryker. Challenges often take me out of my comfort zone and make me think about writing in a new way– if you don’t have a CP who challenges you this way, get one! Good things happen. At the very least, you grow as a writer.

I wanted to meet the criteria in a way that was unexpected and started to wonder how a transgendered man in the 1700s, trapped in the body of a female without any way to achieve transition, would have coped. Women had very little say in who they married and may not even have met their prospective husbands until shortly before the ceremony.

Darian and Henry’s story was born. Pre order here: from Ninestar Press, coming April 17, 2017.

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