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Updates on my recent projects!

I just finished the second round edits for my sci-fi Dalí with my fantastic editor, BJ Toth. July is getting closer **happy dance and squee-ing ensues**. I’m so stoked to see what the cover art might look like! Soon, I will be able to introduce you to Dalí Tamareia. I can’t wait.

The reviews for the Beneath the Layers anthology have been beyond my wildest expectations. I was concerned such a sweet, tame story in the midst of the steamy group would be a letdown for readers, but “All That Entails” is getting consistent praise from the reviewers. I’m so glad it’s resonating with people and that I managed to convey Darian and Henry’s story with the gravity it deserved.

I’m thrilled for the other authors in the anthology, whose stories are getting recognition as well. Again, this is an adults-only anthology with a very specific theme.

My rewrite of the mythological/urban fantasy Nectar and Ambrosia is getting a little bit of agent attention, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’m really pleased with the rewrite, and if it isn’t picked up, I’m considering a foray into Kindle Direct or a similar format. My avatar comes from that story, by the way – that’s the Oracle of Delphi in the picture, and the crux of the plot of Nectar.

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