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Third Front Release Day: Dedication and Acknowledgements

Today, as is my tradition, I celebrate those without whom my book would be less in so many ways.


For my mother

Sandy Warner


who encouraged my love of reading from an early age,

and supported my dreams until the end.

Love you forever.


Coming to the end of this story arc is a bittersweet thing. Dalí will have more stories to tell, probably in novella form.

So many people supported me through all this. Thank you to my writing family, especially Jem Zero, cheerleader and critique partner through the entire process of this third book. Thank you to my alpha readers from the beginning, Mark Millham and Ashley Miller, and the mutual support community of Writers Refuge headed by the disgustingly talented Sarah Chorn. My beta reader Janean Dobos was here for the whole series, and Jessica Smith took on the challenge with Third Front. Thank you, a million times.

I want to extend my gratitude to Keshav Kant, my sensitivity consultant, for her insight into the Hijra community and spirituality and encouraging me to bring more of this rich culture into the story.

A standing ovation to Justin R. Gibson, who finally gave Dalí a voice via audiobook after all this time.

Kudos and huge hugs to Jami Nord and Evan MacGregor at Chimera Editing. Jami, my developmental editor and friend, thank you for your support, professional advice, and guidance through the series.

Thank you to artist JCaleb Designs for three brand new, gorgeous, exciting covers.

It was important to me to have Dalí come from a loving, supportive family. I was lucky to grow up in one. Not all of us in the LGBTQ+ community are. Paul Tamareia and Marina Urquhart are much like my parents were: loving, irreverent, and entirely supportive of their children. I want to express my thankfulness here, both for them and for my in-laws, who raised an exceptional human.

I am in awe of my children, Kylan, Gabriel, and Jayden, and Mark, my life partner of nearly thirty years, for making dinner and doing laundry for me while I worked full time as a nurse, finished my BSN, survived quarantine without maiming each other, AND put up with me writing this series for the last six years.

And last, but most ardently, I am thankful for all of you, who read Dalí and asked for more.

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