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THE VAMPIRE'S QUEST: Another vampire-ish delight from Damian Serbu

The second book in Damian Serbu’s Vampire Council series was a much more coherent story for me. I had mixed feelings about The Vampire’s Angel, but this one I definitely enjoyed.

Xavier’s visions of St. Michel lead him on a journey across the sea to America–leaving Thomas behind. Thomas is afraid his love’s convictions will cause him to violate the code of ethics to which all vampires must adhere, or face punishment by the Council. But Xavier’s quest to fulfill the dying wish of an old friend and remain true to his own moral code is stronger than the threat of punishment by death…and Thomas may not be able to save him this time.

The story was exciting and much more efficiently paced than the previous book. The only reservations I had about some of the writing is the use of modern day vernacular, which jolted me out of the period piece more than once. I did enjoy the twist of an historical figure being a vampire, and the major plot twist I suspected after a while, but it was very well done.

Yet another enjoyable vampire book from Damian Serbu! Find it on Amazon, or here at NineStar Press:

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