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Pre Order up for THIRD FRONT – and how about a cover reveal?

The preorder link for the e-book is HERE!

JCaleb Design has once again delivered the most gorgeous art imaginable.

He has been slowly turning Dalí around to face the light in these covers as they come out of the darkness they’ve lived in since the Luna Terminal Bombing. I couldn’t be happier with the theme.

There’s been a little bit of a snafu getting the new edition of the e-book for Peacemaker up on Kindle Unlimited, but I’m working frantically with Amazon to get that corrected. Meanwhile, the e-book for Dalí (priced at .99 cents until the new book comes out!) and the paperbacks for both Dalí and Peacemaker with the new covers are live.

Without further ado – I present the paperback cover, and all three pieces together in a triptych of awesomeness.

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