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Peacemaker wins Rainbow Award for Best Bisexual Speculative Fiction!

Elisa Rolle’s annual Rainbow Awards are more than just your average writing contest. It’s the coming together of queer authors and readers to support our communities by making donations to charitable organizations which offer assistance to LGBTQIA+ individuals. The cost of entry is as simple as giving monetary support to the organization of your choice. I have donated to the Kansas City AIDS Walk each time I’ve entered the contest.

This year, the contest raised over $10,000 for charity.

I am absolutely thrilled to announce the second book in the Dalí Tamareia Missions, PEACEMAKER, won the 2020-2021 Rainbow Award for the Best Bisexual Speculative fiction. You can read the judges’ reviews here on Elisa’s blog, and maybe discover something new to read from the winners and runners up!

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