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Nectar and Ambrosia e-book release TODAY! *rejoicing ensues*

Finally–this book hits the world today; my first foray into self publishing! You can get your own copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or iBooks. Links are available here.

Due to the holiday week, the book blitz and tour handled by the fantastic IndiGo Marketing and Design will begin July 9, 2018 with the paperback availability.

Did I say this was my first foray into self publishing? Heh. *cue uncomfortable laughter*. I certainly learned a lot in the last few weeks, like stuff about cover templates and high resolution images (why my paperback release is a little bit later than my e-book date), the high cost of ISBN numbers (which gave me a small heart attack), and stuff I never had to bother with before. It gave me new appreciation for those small publishers I’ve worked with for the last four years. Thank you for all you do.

And thank you to J Scott Coatsworth for introducing me to Vellum, the amazing software which made formatting print and e-copies painless and easy. Seriously, indie authors, you have to check it out.

As is my tradition, I’m starting with my dedication and acknowledgments page from the book. So many people were part of this book’s creation and development and revision…my heart is truly full of gratitude.


To Gary,

a source of joy and laughter for more years than I will ever admit to knowing him. (Please burn the negatives now.) We may not be immortal, but our friendship is legendary.


You have no idea how long I’ve been writing this book.

It started as one of those amazing dreams you have just before you wake up. Florian was in this dream and I was so fascinated by him that I just had to start writing to figure out who he was. He became the main character of a short story that was pretty terrible, but ultimately ended up in much-altered form as chapters two and four.

That was, maybe, ten years ago? Like Florian says, the nights all blur together. But people who read the original first draft of the novel (looking at you, Gary and Gina McNeff) kept saying, “When are you going to publish that mythology one? It’s my favorite!”

During the many, many revisions, my long suffering critique partners have prevailed. This book has been around so long that I am certain there are others who read at least parts of it in its early forms, but I can’t remember all of them.

Thank you Rev. Kim Dominic, United Methodist Church, my friend and reader, for your early input on this theological mashup.

Thank you Michael Mammay (who reminded me that even a god can’t kill a keg in one night), Ashley Miller, Janean Dobos, Jessica Burche, Bev Marsh, Sharon Vann, and Kathy Kubay.

Katharine Henry Alexander of KEHA Studio was also one of those early readers, and she designed my amazing cover. Love you, Clompy.

Thank you, Carly Bornstein-Hayward, the first editor to believe it was worth developing.

Thank you, Taylor Barton, for all your input on one of the final drafts, which helped me finish a better book.

At last, the manuscript received the tender mercies of editor Jami Nord, whose direction speaks to me and whacks me over the head now and then with much needed vigor. Thank you.

Most of all, thanks to my family, who supports my crazy obsession with writing about imaginary friends.

Love to all.


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