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Lots of exciting news!

Although I’m still trying to get my writing-feet back under me after starting a new job in November, I’ve had some really wonderful news in the last couple of weeks!

A piece of my contemporary fantasy short fiction, “Burnout”, will be one of Empyreome Magazine’s weekly flash offerings on March 31. This is a story about an immortal hospice nurse (not autobiographical, I swear) trying to reclaim his mortality from Thanatos, the god of death.

In the spring, my historical LGBT romantic short fiction, “All That Entails”, will be included in the ‘Beneath the Layers’ anthology from Ninestar Press. This story came about from a challenge to enter the call for submission from my critique partner, James Stryker, whom you met here last month. His push to get me to write something that met their very specific constraints for the anthology’s subject matter yielded something that surprised even me. It’s a sweet romantic fiction set in an imaginary Georgian-era country, where a nobleman meets his unexpected match in an arranged marriage with a transgendered man. Darian and Henry’s story rose from a thread of thought about how transgendered men faced real likelihood of being married off to someone they’d barely met, since women had no say in the matter more often than not.

And…I signed a publishing contract for my space opera/espionage novel, DALÍ, also with Ninestar Press. It will be published in late summer. I’m beyond excited about this! 2017 is going to be epic.

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