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Look out, or I will APA you until you beg for mercy

I just wanted to say that I’m sorry the blog has been so darn quiet.

I went back to school in January for non-writing career reasons, and my life has been taken over by the not-fun kind of writing…

The dreaded APA style formatted papers, killer of creativity and maker of huge, distended, pendulous brains.

However, do not despair…soon I will have a review of Damian Serbu’s vampire romance, The Vampire’s Angel, on the blog.

I wrote a really cool flash fiction for a contest, and if it doesn’t place, I will definitely share it with you here.

And in June *drumroll* I will FINALLY be releasing Nectar and Ambrosia, my long simmering, snarky urban fantasy, in my first foray into self publishing.

As soon as edits are done on Nectar (Jami Nord of Chimera Edits is my fantastic task master, y’all) I can get back to Third Front, the next adventure for Dali Tamareia and the crew of the Thunder Child.

But writing is slow going — right now, I have only Saturdays and Sundays to work on my creative writing, but I’m planning a retreat for myself where I can really get some words poured out on the page. Bear with me! I promise it’s gonna be great…



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