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Indie Advent Day 9 : Addict by Matt Doyle

Get this moody, tech-noir thriller HERE

Sam Spade meets Blade Runner in this technological thriller series, The Cassie Tam Files.

Caz is a hard-shelled PI with a gooey center she hides from everybody, even herself. She’s called upon to investigate the death of a virtual reality addict, hired by the deceased’s sister, Lori Redwood. Lori disagrees with the police’s findings of an “accidental” death. The more she gets into the case, the more it appears to be murder, and soon Cassie is being pressured by the local PD to drop the case. Coupled with the fact she’s highly attracted to Lori, her client, Cassie is in over her head and is soon forced to work with her ex-girlfriend to get the answers nobody else is willing to give up.

This book is so freaking cool in its technology. Lori is a Tech Shifter, a person who has received enhancements to her nervous system which allows her to wear an exoskeleton and take on her animal persona–kind of a tech-furry culture. Cassie herself has a security gargoyle named Bert, and I desperately want a Bert of my own.

The atmosphere is just wonderful, and the book series is a ton of fun. I highly recommend them.

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