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Indie Advent Day 7: Magician by K.L. Noone


OK, so I used to protest I hated reading romance-centered science fiction and fantasy novels. I was a big bad geek, the harder the science fiction **ahem** the better. Romance? No thank you. I preferred my fantasy with fade to black and the bed curtains pulled.

K.L. Noone not only changed my mind, she changed my reading habits. I can no longer say I don’t like it. Because of her I’ve discovered a few others, like Kim Fielding, whom I no longer hesitate to click when I see they have a new book.

Lorre isn’t fully mortal: he’s half human, half creature of magic. His connection to magic is really just an extension of himself, and he can become lost for days being a rock, becoming part of the landscape around him, or becoming a dragon… and nearly killing a king because he forgot how to human.

Self isolating on a deserted island after that near-disastrous mistake, Lorre is uninterested in rejoining the world until a brave young prince shows up on the sand outside his cave and announces he is just going to sit there and read a book until Lorre agrees to help him save his brother’s kingdom. Fascinated almost against his will, the most powerful magician in the world is helpless in the face of Gareth’s absolute belief in his goodness and soon agrees to help.

Barefoot Lorre made the book for me, with his gorgeously intricate magic system and his grumpy self learning to interact and remembering what it’s like to make human connections. Read it, read it now.

It’s hilarious in all the right places and made me laugh and get misty-eyed all in one sitting. sigh.

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