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Indie Advent Day 6: Black Dog Blues by Rhys Ford


The Kai Gracen Series is, hands-down, one of my favorite urban fantasy obsessions.

The world as we know it upended itself when the elfin Underhill and our world merged in a violent, cataclysmic event. Geography and reality are now completely altered, dragons and other magical creatures roam and hunt, and humankind and the elfin are slowly learning to live together after a brutal war.

Kai is a Stalker: a licensed bounty hunter/magical creature pest control kind of job, one that is thankless and incredibly dangerous and not all that lucrative most of the time, but it pays the bills. Kai is elfin, raised by a prickly human bounty hunter named Dempsey, who claims he won him in a card game, but nevertheless rescued Kai from a life of unspeakable horror. Kai’s origins and past are one of the things that drive the series, as is the found-family theme.

These books are sarcastic, hilarious, exciting, thrilling, and heartbreaking. There are plenty of magical creatures trying to eat Kai for lunch, touching scenes with Kai and the people he loves fiercely and protectively, brutal battles, and descriptions of the horrors he suffered as a child at the hands of the Lord of the Hunt.

There is also a very slow-burn romance between Kai and Ryder, the High Lord of the Southern Rise Court. The violence is graphic but the sex is not, so if you are all about low-romance in your urban fantasy, this series is definitely for you. I could go on for days about these books. Please read them so we can gush forever.

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