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Indie Advent Day 5: A Ferry of Bones and Gold by Hailey Turner


The Soulbound series grabbed me from book 1.

I am a sucker for gods and supernatural beings and magic. The writing was exciting, a compelling story I could not put down.

It’s definitely a paranormal romance, with graphic and oh-so-steamy scenes between battle mage Patrick Collins and god pack leader Jonothan DeVere. That being said, the incredibly compelling and well written series is still totally worth the read even if romance is not your thing. The martial magic system is one of the best I have ever read and the series’ over-arching plot is tight.

Patrick is the veteran of an arcane war, won only through his not-quite-consensual bargain with the gods in order to vanquish a terrifying threat to the mortal world. Suffering a terrible magical wound which prevents him from accessing all the power he once wielded, he now works for a federal agency which oversees magical crime and terrorism. This brings him into contact with Jonothan DeVere, a werewolf with a powerful patron god. Soon Patrick’s debt is called in and he and Jono are embroiled in a battle to defend the gods and the mortal world from a powerful sorcerer who is bent on becoming a god himself.

It’s a fantastic series. I highly recommend it!

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