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Indie Advent Day 4: The Hands We’re Given by O. E. Tearmann


Book one in the Aces High, Jokers Wild series introduces us to Aidan Headley, the new commander on a base of misfit freedom fighters embroiled in the struggle to live free of a dystopian United States now governed and controlled by capitalism under dictatorial corporations.

These books are incredible, slightly dark but so full of hope and amazing characters whom I love to pieces. Aidan has his hands full when he replaces the late commanding officer of the Wild Cards. Not only does he have to earn the trust of the people under his command, he has to overcome his own issues of self-doubt that he’s the right one to lead this notorious but highly effective band of operatives.

Not shying away from topics such as mental illness, depression, and neurodivergence, this series is an exciting ride. Their missions are not always successful, but the team’s found-family resilience keeps them together as the stakes grow ever higher in each book. I highly recommend it!

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