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Indie Advent Day 3: Farview by Kim Fielding


I still don’t have the words to describe this book. Part romance, part fantasy, and all incredibly warm and magical and wonderful. Set in a land something like the British Isles, Farview follows Oliver, a young man who leaves the city for a coastal town where he can live in solitude for a while and come to terms with the fact he is dying of a prolonged illness.

His intent to live a hermit-like existence in the tiny cottage atop a sea-wind kissed cliff, called Farview, is foiled by the villagers who take him under their wing like one of their own–and by handsome storyteller Felix, who regales Oliver with fantastic tales which may or may not be true, but distract Oliver from his imminent mortality in more ways than one.

Magic is the mundane in this world, from dragon-drawn coaches to delicate little imps who beg at the doorstep for scraps. But neither Oliver nor Felix are ready for the kind of magic they discover together, and both their lives are forever changed.

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