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Indie Advent Day 21: Wistful Ascending by JCM Berne


I had the best time reading Wistful Ascending! It’s a genre-blending masterpiece and so much fun. It had me laughing out loud at all the inside jokes and was a blast to read.

Tow Chief Second Class Rohan is a super powered guy who really just wants to be left alone. He was a literal weapon of war once, but that part of his life is over and now all he would like to do is drink coffee and tow ships into Wistful (a sentient space station with an acerbic sense of humor).

But space bears, his new girlfriend’s meddling father and a headstrong scientist have other ideas about what Rohan should be doing. Yes, I said space bears! It’s exactly like it sounds and completely hilarious, but in all seriousness, the alien races in the book are well drawn and the world building is spot-on. I can see everything in my head with this book and I love it when that happens.

I just started Turn Two of the Hybrid Helix series, Return of the Griffin, and it’s every bit as good. Don’t miss this series!

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