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Indie Advent Day 18: Faerie Rising by A.E. Lowan


Holy moly. The Books of Binding deliver and then some. A.E. Lowan is actually the brain trust of three different authors writing as a collective, and it is totally amazing. (They also happen to be some of the coolest people in the world and have been my Planet Comicon neighbors for two out of the last three years!)

Oh, my gosh, do I like these books. Faerie Rising is completely engrossing, with characters I learned to love or hate pretty quickly. I got a real sense of place about Winter’s shop and the House and I love it when I’m transported into locations that way. Winter Mulcahy is the last wizard in Seahaven, charged with keeping the peace among the rest of the city’s supernatural/fae/sidhe underworld denizens, but she is literally working herself to death. Addicted to energy potions that are burning out her body faster than she can heal rifts between Faerie and the human world, Winter’s outlook is bleak, and gets even bleaker when a sidhe lord bent on creating havoc in Seahaven makes his bid for power, putting everyone Winter cares about in danger. It was an exciting read and was hard to put down to do things I needed to do. The series just keeps getting better – Book 3 knocked my socks off. Indie Urban Fantasy for the win with these books! (And, I noted the paperback is on steep discount on Amazon right now, so don’t wait too long to get immersed in Seahaven’s magical atmosphere.)

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