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Indie Advent Day 16: White Trash Warlock by David Slayton


David Slayton’s Adam Binder novels are about a young man from Oklahoma who’s been kicked around, sometimes literally, all of his life, growing up poor, weird, and gay. Adam has the Sight, an ability to see into other worlds parallel to the mortal realm and the beings who move between them, but it’s been more of a curse than a blessing. His mother and older brother had him committed to a psych hospital at one point because they thought he was crazy.

Adult Adam now lives in a run-down trailer with his Aunt Sue, who not only believes in his gift but carries more than a little of the family magic herself. But when his estranged brother returns to Oklahoma asking for his help, Adam doesn’t say no. Blood is thicker than their differences, and Bobby is at his wit’s end because he’s started to see some things he can’t explain. Adam might be the only one who can help, and he goes back to Denver with his brother. Bobby’s wife Annie is changing, in ways Adam soon begins to realize have more to do with the supernatural world than any physical or mental ailment.

Before long, Adam is up to his elbows in magical peril, forcing him to make some uncomfortable alliances. Elves, reapers, and Death herself have taken a particular interest in Adam and his latent gifts, and he is going to have to make a stand–or his family and the rest of the mortal world might not survive.

These books are so freaking good. I wait for them to come out and gobble them up like candy. I highly, highly recommend them!

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