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Indie Advent Day 11: Becoming Crone by Lydia M. Hawke


Finding books in my favorite genres with heroines close to my age has been getting easier lately and I’m so very pleased to add Becoming Crone to that short list. And I love the pun in the series name so much.

Divorcee Claire’s sixtieth birthday is just a day like any other and she’s reluctantly allowed her family to throw a birthday party at her own house. Her young grandson’s thrift-store present, an unusual pendant, turns out to be a magickal artifact and her boring, isolated life is turned upside down. Claire discovers she is heir to an ancient power that only comes to women who have reached the age of wisdom.

With that inheritance comes a sassy gargoyle, a wolf-shifter guardian with a man-bun, and a coming war in which Claire is destined to play a key part as servant of the goddess Morrigan. First, she has to learn how to harness her newfound powers and protect her loved ones from evil Mages bent on stopping Claire from coming into her full potential.

Read this and the rest of The Crone Wars books on Amazon.

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