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Edits on PEACEMAKER are under way!

I got my notes back from my wonderful developmental editor, Jami Nord, and I’m working my way through ’em one by one. My new class started today, so it’s lunch break and weekend work for the most part, but the first seven chapters are done. After this pass, I’ll get to play some more when my fearless alphas let me know where else I need to concentrate. Then the betas get their turn to torture me before I turn it in to my NineStar editor, lol.

Dalí is in a different place in this book, so their arc is evolving. The process of grief, as my editor Jami pointed out, is not linear. It’s a two steps forward, three back, five forward, one back dance that has no pattern or rhythm. Anyone who has been through a life changing loss can identify with Dalí’s struggle to find their place again.

However, that being said, I promise it has plenty of action, intrigue and plot twists as you might expect from our favorite undercover operative. Dalí is still kicking ass and taking names on this new mission, so stay tuned!

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