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Dalí Tamareia Missions NEWS!! (and at long last, a BLURB)

You guys, I’m so excited, I can finally tell you the news.

I am relaunching the Dalí Tamareia Missions this fall under my own publishing brand with spanking new covers – I’ve just seen the first proof for Dalí and I actually squealed at work and startled my patients.

There will be subtle changes to the text: as part of my reissue editing I have been working with a sensitivity consultant. I wanted to take the opportunity to address some things that have been pointed out to me since the books were first published, and make sure I’m doing right by the third-gender history and representation in the last book.

Third Front will be the last book in this story arc which started with Dalí, but there will be more stories in this universe with our favorite kickass, sarcastic, changeling spy. And… the three books, Dalí, Peacemaker, and Third Front, will also be issued as a box set.

I don’t have a final date for publication yet. At the summer solstice, I lost my mother, and grief is a strange thing, with fatigue ebbing and flowing like a heavy tide. My creativity has good days and bad days. Today is a good day, so I am taking advantage of it while I can.

Without further ado, here’s the blurb for the next Dalí Tamareia Mission!

Dalí Tamareia has the terrorist Skadi in their sights – but bringing her in may cost them everything.

Dalí’s role as an undercover operative is compromised, putting a target on their back and threatening the close-knit team aboard Thunder Child. A new lead on Miriam Skadi’s activities forces them back to Luna, where they must confront everything they tried to run from…including their changed relationship with Rion Sumner, who insists on backing up Dalí for this investigation.

But Dalí is not the only one searching for Skadi. An alien presence hunts the terrorist as well, taking over Sumner’s body to ensure Dalí’s cooperation. With their team on the other side of the solar system Dalí must depend on this questionable ally to complete the mission, which takes a deadly turn when an old nemesis resurfaces.

If there is any chance for a future with Sumner and their chosen family, Dalí must exorcise the demons haunting them, or they will burn in the heart of a star.

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