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Beast of the Dead – a new Werewolf Whisperer novella

I am totally hooked on this series by Bonita Gutierrez and Camilla Ochlan. The great pun in the title just makes it all the more fun. This Día de los Muertos-themed novella is a great read just in time for the Halloween season.

This little novella takes place immediately after the last Werewolf Whisperer book, so no spoilers, but it is a flashback adventure as well. When Xochi’s beloved muscle car, El Gallo, is stolen, she remembers the first time the car was jacked during a job she and Lucy worked in their early Were-wrangling days. It has all the grit and drama and werebeast-ness I have come to love in these urban fantasy books. My knowledge of Spanish profanity is also taking a huge leap forward thanks to Xochi’s colorful expletives and the handy glossaries included in the books, LOL.

Honestly, if you haven’t read this series, check out my review of The Werewolf Whisperer HERE on the blog, pick it up, and hang on with tooth and claw.

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