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C.C. Dowling talks about life, death and second chances in her new book, "Conduit"

Today, C.C. Dowling is on the blog to talk about her new paranormal book, Conduit! Welcome, C.C., and congratulations on the debut of this new novel, the first of the Infinity Series.

Please tell us about Conduit, and how you came up with the idea for the book.

Boiled down to the simplest form, Conduit is a book about second chances. About love, regret, and what we'd give to live twice.

I initially came up with the idea many many years ago. My sister had recently passed away, and I was thinking a lot about death, and about second chances. I was up one night, listening to the "Once More With Feeling" soundtrack from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6, episode 7 ( I mean, if you haven't seen it, you are missing out in life ), and I got to thinking about what it would feel like to come back from the dead. And Liv Hartley just kind of introduced herself, and we've been talking in my head ever since.

Do you write in other genres besides paranormal? What is it about the genres that draws you to them and sparks your creativity?

Yes! I love writing urban fantasy (my first, truest love). More recently, I've been assimilated by the romance Borg, and find writing erotic romances to be a dick-ton of fun. Honestly, there should be some level of sex in every adult book. Otherwise, what's the point?

What draws me to those genres in particular is the aspect of exploring the human condition. I like learning about myself and others by putting characters in high stakes situations to see what they do. Who they become. How I can relate.

What is the most difficult part of your writing process?

Getting the time to write! I work a full time job, have 2 small kids, am an active member of several community organizations, not to mention kid's's a lot going on in life right now. So I guard my precious writing time wherever I can.

What are common misconceptions that aspiring authors need to know aren't necessarily true about the publishing business?

Hmmm, I'm not sure what isn't true because I think every author has a different experience depending on who they are, and who they are working with. I'll tell you some commonalities I've learned is that traditional publishing takes time. A lot of time. It's slow. This business is so highly objective, you really need to find people who believe and champion you and your work. The process can seem daunting. We, as writers, aren't alone! There are a ton of resources and online communities of people who want to help. Want to see you succeed. Yes, there are bad apples in every bunch. Don't focus on those. Focus on the ones lifting others up.

As a writer, what would you choose as your animal mascot?

That's easy. Dragon all day long.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Where can readers interact with you on the web?

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I'd also ask that if you, the reader, like Conduit, please leave a review, and tell a friend. Reviews are the life blood for any author, and your feedback matters.


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