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"Welcome to Crash" with Lina Langley

Today’s interview conducted from the Perilous Chair features Lina Langley, author of Welcome to Crash, which hits the shelves today. Thanks for stopping in, Lina!

I read the synopsis for Welcome to Crash and it sounds really intriguing! Tell us more about it. Is there some paranormal stuff going down, or is that a secret?

Answer: It’s a secret! I can’t really tell you how anything works in the story. You’ll have to read to find out.

I see you write under a couple of different pen names. Is there a specific genre for each name you write under?

Answer: No, actually, I changed my pen name for a couple of reasons and now only write under Lina Langley. I started publishing under L. M. Langley because it was important that my name wasn’t gendered, but that was only necessary for the market, not because it was what I wanted. When I sold Welcome to Crash, I was told that there was a very similar pen name already, and I quite like my first name. That’s why I decided to change it.

Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Answer: A bit of both? Writing is my life. I mean that. My day job is ghostwriting so I live and breathe writing. Sometimes, a story will energize me and make me want to keep writing, but sometimes I get very tired. It completely depends on the story!

From your biography, it looks like you’ve traveled pretty extensively. Has living in different countries enriched your writing?

Answer: It has! Every story I’ve ever written is based on a place I’ve lived. Welcome to Crash is based on the Northeast of England, a story I have coming up in a Ninestar Press Anthology is based in a small town back home, in Colombia. It has provided me with so many opportunities to be creative and to change the way I tell a story and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel, or a personal favorite that no one knows about?

Answer: Probably Freshman by Michael Gerber. He’s a parodist and that much is clear in the writing, but there’s something really sweet and vulnerable about his protagonist, especially for a work that’s supposed to be parody. Of course the entire novel is absurd, but it’s the kind of book that has you thinking ‘wait… that can’t be right’ all the way through. My copy literally came apart I’ve read it that many times. I always found something new about it that made me laugh, too.

What would you choose as an animal mascot to represent you and your work as a writer?

Answer: Oh, this is a hard one. Maybe a beaver, because I work a lot, but also, a raccoon. I’m basically a trash panda.

Thanks again, Lina, and congratulations on the release of Welcome to Crash! Where can readers interact with you on the web?

Thank you so much for having me! You can sign up to my reader’s club and get access to five free m/m stories instantly. You can do that here. You can join my mailing list there, which is the easiest way to keep in touch.

You can go to my site: If you want ARCs in exchange for reviews, you just have to write me at And if you just want to come hang out, you’ll find me on and

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