In Earth's troubled future, a grieving third-gender human must rescue others like them from a galactic sex-trafficking ring - but their own government stands in the way.


"This sc-fi novel is spell-binding in its inventiveness and originality...a deep, complex, multi-faceted bit of edgy science fiction that does some fantastic things with gender and sexuality."


Human beings are assholes. I should know. I’d become one in the last few months.

You’d think the near extinction of our entire species after the pandemics and global poisoning our last world war inflicted might let us all pull together. Even with galactic war breathing down our necks, when almost everyone realized the human race constituted less of a threat to each other than some of the other things out there, we continued to be dicks.

Those attitudes started problems--in particular, Europan attitudes, of the New Puritan variety.


 I no longer possessed the self-control or sufficient fucks to avoid adding fuel to their fire.

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