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Short Stories and Flash Fiction




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A broken heart leads to dark, sensual magic. 

The excitement of new creation took over as Leo's hand sketched a quick outline on the canvas with soft ley lines of a human skeleton; the lacework of nerve endings hashed in hasty feathers of lead tracing.

He opened the small lacquered box: his own brand of magic carried in oils and pigments. Leo crushed a tube of red in his hands, scarlet against pale skin, and let his fingers glide upon the canvas to fill in with purposeful strokes the musculature that lay over the bones of neck and shoulder. On the dais, his subject squirmed.

 Note from the Author: Over 18 only : Available from Amazon Kindle Direct HERE


A hospice nurse tries to reclaim his mortality from the god of death. 


Do you really think I’m Pogibija? He died two minutes ago.”

“Thanatos.” My voice was a whisper of sand in the desert my mouth had become.

Rheumy eyes with dilated, unseeing pupils fixed on me. "You knew I would show up again one night, didn't you?"

The wild pummeling inside my chest took away the ability to breathe. A tremor shuddered through me.

He was right. I’d gone into hospice nursing for this: for the hope of exactly this moment.

  BURNOUT appears in the Pine Float Press anthology, "BARGAINS"  

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