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“His brothers accepted his fluid nature as something Darian simply was. He had been so all his life; suspended between male and female, one rising, the other ebbing without pattern or reason. The Queen, daughterless and doting, had gladly let her youngest son wear gowns, bows, and curls far longer than appropriate, until his father had intervened with violent persuasion. At court, he now moved as a man. In private, he never stopped wearing gowns or ribbons when the softer she inside him waxed like the full moon. He allowed her complete rein. In truth,  he no longer knew where he ended and she began. They were the same.”

 Note from the Author: A sweet romantic fiction set in an imaginary Georgian-era country, a gender-fluid nobleman meets his unexpected match in an arranged marriage with a transgender man. Darian and Henry's story rose from a thread of thought about how transgender men faced the real likelihood of being married off to someone they'd barely met, since women more often than not had no say in the matter.

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